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Here at rStar Design its all about quality! In early 2012 rStar was born to bring a passion for motorsport and paint together. Having grown up around all different forms of motorsport, Frank saw an opportunity to combine his passion with his job, the result, bringing peoples dreams to life and making a living doing it ! With over 10 years experience in the automotive refinish/restoration industry as a qualified painter, rStar brings an extensive knowledge of the products and processes needed to provide not only the best possible finish, but a lasting one. Being a very small operation, Frank develops a personal relationship with every client to better understand their ideas and requests, then combining this with rStars signature style and flair to provide a knock out piece of art. Every job that passes through Frank’s hands has the same obsessive attention to detail to ensure every creation with the rStar name attached, is finished to the highest standard possible!


Supercars x rStar Design

Take a look at a little behind the scenes working of rStar Design and a little of my background story!! I was asked by Supercars late last year if I would allow them to come to the shop to do some filming and produce a short video on some helmet painting behind the scenes and the rStar story. Whilst I've been hesitant on this type of thing in the past because I believe what I do is about the art and not me, I must admit the end result is pretty neat!! 2 days of filming squashed into 6 minutes so we couldn't get everything in there, but I hope this gives everyone a little look into the work involved and the level of detail that goes into designing and painting each and every helmet. Huge thanks to James for choosing rStar Design and Supercars for letting James create content that allows the small fish of the motorsport industry to tell their story! Thanks to PPG Refinish Australia & New Zealand for providing the best, most user friendly products out there!!BUT the biggest thank you goes to each and every person who proudly wears their rStar helmet at racetracks across the world every weekend, you guys truly are the best customers anyone could ask for!! Side note – The Datsun is for sale #shamelessplug 😜#rstardesign #rstartreatment #VASC

Posted by rStar Design on Thursday, 23 January 2020

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